February 26

About Rick Rinaldi

Rick Rinaldi has made a career of putting himself out there emotionally for the world to see. Nothing is held back. Fans are drawn by his uncanny ability to bring a tidal surge of passion into every note he composes, every lyric he writes, and into every performance he gives. He is a master at capturing the imagination with music composition born of the soul.

Rick blends and weaves instruments together in a manner unlike all others before him. His music is captivating, rythematic, clean, and moving. Each and every piece he composes is deeply rooted, and passionately performed.

Rick Rinaldi is a quiet, humble man. Throughout his career he has delivered a full-length novel, music, lyrics, and poetry that leaves and indelible impression, and refuses to be dislodged.

Experience the music of E Rick Rinaldi.
“There is music in everything. Listen closely. Listen to the rhythm of the road, to the pulse of the surf, to the silence of the night, to the setting sun and the rising moon. Just take time to listen. In everything there is music.”

E Rick Rinaldi